To impact the lives of people with the life changing message of our Lord Jesus Christ through word and action

Harvest India

Harvest India is a Christ centered ministry that is dedicated towards expanding the Kingdom of God in the state of Karnataka, located south west in the democratic nation of India. Established in the year 1993 and headed by Rev. Samuel Jacob, the Harvest India ministries primarily focuses on enabling and empowering local leaders to help reach the Gospel to the most remote regions of the state.

Through the years, Harvest India has been guided by the Lord to discover innovative ways to help train and teach the local leaders and pastors in communicating the essence of the Gospel. One of the significant ways is by organising and conducting pastors' conferences for deeper Biblical understanding and application. In an effort to build a strong network of Christian Leaders in rural Karnataka, Harvest India ensures that the venues for these conferences are held in the local setting of participating pastors. This results in a high participation due to ease of access and commute.

Additionally, teachers and participating leaders from outside of Karnataka, different parts of India and the world invited to these conferences provide a diverse cultural blend for the local pastors and in turn they have the unique opportunity to experience firsthand, the lifestyle and involve themselves in community prayer for each district. This also encourages church members in rural Karnataka to increase their awareness of God's word and encourage their own villages and community groups to live a life with Jesus as their foundation.

One of the key areas of focus of Harvest India is Village ministry. The long term goal is to reach EVERY village of Karnataka and ensure that the word of God and the Gospel are clearly communicated; and that each believer is made strong in the word of the Lord through proper mentoring, demonstration and care. The medium of instruction is through action.

Harvest India

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